David Wilson is a Performance Tennis Coach and Educator from Ireland, and has been awarded a Ph.D in the field of Education from Trinity College Dublin. David has spoken at several international events, including the ITF Worldwide Conference and the Tennis Europe Annual Conference. His articles have appeared in publications such as the ITF 'Coaching and Sport Science Review' and the PTR 'Tennis Pro'.


Samples of Previous Work

- 'Time to Make a Change' - Where to Look When Things Go Wrong. (CLICK HERE)

- 'Does Coach Education Actually Improve the Standard of Coaching'? (CLICK HERE)

- 'All Sweat-Band but no Sweat - The Flawed Approach to Modern Coaching'. (CLICK HERE)

- PTR 'TennisPro' Magazine: Learning at the Higher Levels - Building Competitive Advantages for Performance Players (CLICK HERE)

- ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review: The Foundations of Learning, A Fresh Perspective on Common Coaching Methodologies (CLICK HERE)

- ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review: Pedagogical Factors Contributing to the Development of Top Juniors (CLICK HERE)

- ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review: The Game Based Coaching Methodology - An Investigation of Principles and Practice (CLICK HERE)


email: dwtcd@icloud.com